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In today's dynamic business environment it is important that companies and organizations effectively utilize the Internet to remain competitive. ABT Solutions will assist you in developing the right web strategy to create an effective web solution.

Our state of the art solutions helps you address your fundamental business and process management challenges and then enables those improvement programs with technology. Succesful implementation of enterprise solutions make your company - "Real-Time Enterprise" Characteristics of Intelligent, Real-Time Enterprise:

The Real-time Enterprise facilitates spontaneous transaction flow and information transparency throughout the extended enterprise, minimizing latency and labor. The Real-Time Enterprise:

  • Provides 24x7 availability, flexible demand-driven scalability, security and administration
  • Enhances revenue through superior market access, intelligence and time-to-revenue
  • Reduces costs by streamlining every process using the WebM
  • Decreases excess inventory through improved analytics
  • Enables device-independent mobile commerce
  • Makes its information transparent
  • Assumes a dynamic network, enabling instant collaboration and low-cost, real-time interaction
  • Uses a distributed architecture that works with the applications, systems and processes a business already has in place
  • Allows non-intrusive customization and configuration, enabling businesses to better differentiate their brand
  • Is highly adaptive-because change is constant and it happens fast
  • Integrates data, applications and workflow
  • Gives customers a single user interface across disparate applications
ABT Solutions provides following business solutions and products to make you effective:
  • e-Business Solutions
  • e-procurement solution
  • e-catalogue solution
  • e-community

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