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We offer offshore outsourcing, offshore software development, web development, web design, web hosting and outsourcing to Ukraine services. Our main technologies are HTML, XML, XSL, Web Services, PHP, .NET and Java

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ABT Solutions - Offshore Software Development and Outsourcing

Partners :: Partnership Program

Since our main specialization is IT offshore outsourcing, we are open to communicate with companies and individuals who want to bring down development costs by outsourcing projects to highly skilled developers located in areas where IT professionals are in abundance and production costs are low.

ABT Solutions welcomes new partners who value partnership and realize that mutual success depends upon joint efforts and investments.

ABT Solutions partners are primary web design, IT consultants and custom software development companies.

Working with ABT Solutions our partners increase their market share, obtain higher levels of client's satisfaction and forge more productive relationships with their customers.

To apply for ABT Solutions partnership program or to request more information, please contact partner@abtsolutions.net

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